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The Smoking Gun has revealed the Lingerie Football League to be a cheap, exploitative outfit that behaves goonishly toward its own athletes, which is Player's participation in the Event and the related practice sessions and Player's services and performances hereunder may involve accidental nudity. Orsini is in better shape than most NFL players. Bottom line: Orsini's an athlete. She played women's basketball at Central Florida and Marshall before joining the Charm. Total tip of the hat to her for having the guts to get naked. Just one more example of the LFL showing up the NFL. [H/T: BodyArtist]. For Furr and many other players, the league is just about getting to play football, a sport so many girls and women love but never get the chance to compete in. Back in the Lingerie League days, reports surfaced of "accidental nudity" clauses in player contracts and fines if players wore layers under their.

No women's league has more of a "Tude" than the LFL LFL - Legends Football League, aka Lingerie Football League. Lingerie Football League UK is a new organisation, playing football and fighting for gender equality. “Lingerie Football – Playing 'half naked' for women's equality The Lingerie Football League describe themselves as football pioneers and say that by playing in crop tops and hot pants they are fighting inequality but some. The Ladies of the Lingerie Football League's Chicago Bliss posed for a racy anti-fur ad featuring the tagline "Tackle Cruelty: Bench Fur." Click here to see a naked behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot! On fur farms around the world, chinchillas, foxes, minks, raccoons—and even dogs and cats—suffer from the time they.

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