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“highly obese” women earn 24% less than thin women while the so-called moderately obese earn 6% less. A Harvard Public Health Study found that fat women have household incomes $6, lower than thin women. Fat women also have a 10% higher rate of poverty. I didn't know all this when I was in. When you cross over from merely obese to morbidly obese, it's hard to find a scale in the bath part of Bed Bath & Beyond to accommodate your girth. Even many doctors' offices don't carry a scale large enough for the truly fat. This usually ends in a nurse whispering, “Well, how much do you think you weigh. Woman wants to be so fat she can't move. Monica and Sid plan on having children together (Picture: Barcroft). She's already 50st, but this woman wants to keep putting on weight until she cannot move. Monica Riley, who is a model, wants to become the world's fattest woman – 70st. This is not a record we.

A MORBIDLY obese mum-to-be has given up on her dream of becoming the world's fattest woman to trim down for the sake of her unborn baby. At 50 stone, Monica Riley was well on her way towards her dream of becoming so fat that she couldn't move. Monica used to be fed through a funnel by boyfriend. If you're pounds or more overweight or your body mass index measures 40 or higher, doctors classify you as morbidly obese. This level of obesity puts you at. "Extreme Weight Loss" host Chris Powell discusses helping Meredith lose half her body weight. For more GMA.

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